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  • Welcome to Jill's Genealogy

    Here you will find information on the Revolutionary War both Patriot and Loyalists, The Civil War both Confederate and Union, and the World Wars. This site will also feature other countries, and historical information representing many different eras. You will also find information on Jill's ancestors as well as her extended families ancestors. Jill actively supports the preservation of family history and supports her ancestors patriotism no matter what side they supported. Jill welcomes you to look around and see if any of her information might help you in your genealogical quest. 

    To have access to certain areas you will need to register for a free account. This helps reduce spammers from posting to our forums and harvesting e-mail addresses from postings.

    This site will always be a work in progress.

    --Genealogy Evidence Factory Owner- Jill
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    I have been doing genealogy research on my family and extended family lives since the 1970's.  When I became disabled in Oct 2000 I began doing genealogy research 4-18 hours a day.  I have completed three family history books for indirect family members, and one family history book for a friend.  I have done an 2500 page ebook library edition of my family history and I am currently editing my full version 8000+ page family history book.  I have successfully proven lines for membership in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), National Society Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada (UELAC) to name a few.  I have been presented with numerous awards for my work in the genealogy field.


    Levi Willson Please help the efforts that are underway to have Levi Willson Home/property 5576 Regional Road #25, Milton, Canada designated under Canada's Historic Places. Currently, the house is on the Town of Milton's inventory which means the Town has identified it of having some historical/architectural significance under the Ontario Heritage Act Part IV. (Click the "Read More" to see how you can help)

    Jill's DAR certificate
    Jan 2014-John Michael Boltz I
    John Micahel Boltz II
    Not displayed

    Jill's DAR certificate
    Aug 2012- Barnabas Gilbert
    Not displayed

    Jill's DAR certificate
    June 2011-Levi Lewis Sr.
    Not displayed

    DNA accepted as Mayflower descent proof Monday, May 28, 2007 - Bangor Daily News

    It’s accepted that John Hawes married a granddaughter of John Howland, Desire Gorham, thus making John and Desire Hawes’ children descendants of the Mayflower.

    They had a son John Hawes, who left New England and popped up in North Carolina. Same person? If so, his issue could join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

    Historian General Ann S. Lainhart and Assistant Historian General Alicia Williams recently accepted this line — on the basis of a Hawes DNA study of the Hawes Y chromosome.

    I didn’t necessarily expect a lineage society to accept DNA studies as proof this soon, but I know Ann Lainhart to be a thorough and fair researcher. This use of DNA to join a lineage society is certainly a major step in such research. (Click the "Read More")
    Jill's UEL certificate
    Dec 2006-Robert Lottridge
    Jill's UEL certificate Dec 2006
    Bureau of Land Management can offer insight on whether relatives used Pre-emption Act Genealogy: Bureau of Land Management can offer insight on whether relatives used Pre-emption Act
    By Tammie Dehler
    Special to the Tribune-Star

    TERRE HAUTE — The Pre-emption Act of 1841 was approved by Congress in September of that year. This act permitted “squatters” on federal lands to be allowed to purchase that land at a low price from the federal government before it went up for public auction. The Act specifically allowed single men, widows, male or female heads of households, and aliens who intended to become naturalized, if 21 years old or older, and who lived on the land for at least 14 months, to purchase 160 acres of land for the price of only $1.25 per acre. (Click the "Read More")
    Jill's UEL certificate
    Sept 2006-Michael Showers 
    Jill's UEL certificate Sept 2006 Jill's UEL certificate Sept 2006

    The Carolina's Ballard Family Genealogy Award August 2011

    The Carolina's Ballard Family Genealogy Award August 2011

    While Jill was the SVSAR webmaster, SVSAR presented Jill with SVSAR's 2006 Best Web Page Award 
    2006 Best Web Page Award


    SVSAR presented Jill with SAR's Martha Washington Award December 2005 
    Jill's SAR Martha Washington Award


    Gail's Genealogy Award of Excellence
    March 2007
    Gail's Genealogy Award of Excellance March 2007


    Ancestry Connections Award
    Jan 2007
    Ancestry Connections Award Jan 2007


    Shawna's Southern Pride Award Jan 2007
    Shawna's Southern Pride Award Jan 2007


    Sixty Plus Design Genealogy Award 
    Sixty Plus Design Genealogy Award


    Heritage Awards July 2006
    Heritage Award Genealogy Award


    Honoring The Ones Before Me Genealogy Award June 2006
    Honoring The Ones Before Me Genealogy Award


    Honoring The Ones Before Me Pure Gold Award. Jill's Genealogy is the first site to ever receive this award June 2006 
    Honoring The Ones Before Me Pure Gold Award. Jill's Genealogy is the first site to ever receive this award


    Special Gold Award. June 2006 
    Lady JJ's Special Gold Award


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    I appreciate the information provided to me by others, Thank You. This work has years of love and effort involved, the purpose of this site is to share our history with our family and to exchange information with relatives and those researchers that have stumbled across our family line and will help our family without charge. All materials are copyrighted. This information is NOT to be republished in commercial ventures. No part may be reproduced, modified, or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information or retrieval system, without written permission from Jill Sybalsky. It's simple DO NOT copy or extract data or photos. No commercial, non-profit, governmental, or website use of any kind without written permission from Jill Sybalsky. Feel free to share our information with family and friends who are assisting your search.

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